Baby Water and Regular Purified Water?

Infant water is never necessary, it is just a gimmick

1. Question about giving baby water?

If you use boiled water, then I say stick with that, just let it cool down quite a bit before mixing it with the pear juice

2. When can I give my baby water?

I would just start with an ounce. I mean, she is getting water through breastmilk/formula, which ever one you use. She will most likely just play with the water anyways since it has no taste. & as for the person above, never should you give a baby water as a newborn. 6 months old is fine (just a small amount), but under is not. I was told this by my lactation consultant AND my daughter's doctor

3. How much do baby water turtles cost?

It depends on what type of turtle you want. Red eared sliders usually are no more than $10. But Red eared sliders also need a fairly big tank for when they are full grown, males needing at least 60 gallons and females needing at least 90 gallons. They will also need a turtle dock to get completely out of the water, 2 light fixtures, one for a heat/UVA bulb and the other for a UVB bulb, a strong filter, a submersible water heater to keep the water at about 75 degrees F, water conditioner for water changes, turtle food, replacements for filter, and treats. Turtles after everything is said and done are pretty expensive, at first. The best thing to do is make sure that you have everything that the turtle needs before you buy them, to make sure that you do not make them get sick.

4. Guys I Just Lost My Baby Water Turtle Food,What Could I Feed Them Besides The Turtle Food??

If it's an aquatic turtle, and only 7 months old, They DEFINITELY need some protein! worms, crickets.. any sort of bugs, really. They may also like greens, such as Kale.. but they are pretty young so probably not.

5. Baby Water Turtle? Ok to Use Purified Water........?

There's nothing wrong with tap water that I can tell. I have a turtle that has been in it since 1965. Think that's long enough for a test?.

6. Baby Water Products...good or no?

plain water that comes out of the tap is fine enough. the reason y they want you to buy it is so you spend your money on something that really isnt needed, plain tap water is good enought for me it will be good enought for the babies

7. is bottled baby water safe?

Honestly in my opinion I do not think it is any safer than tap water.It just comes in a bottle instead of having to use a cup. Both my daughters' pediatrician said that they should be using tap water anyways because the flouride in it is GREAT for their teeth and does help prevent more cavaties than drinking the purified water that takes out a lot of the flouride and other things. Although it is a close call so if you are comfortable using bottled water than I would do that,but thnk about it you would be saving tons of money if he drank tap water thats almost virtually free than having to buy bottled water every week which can run anywhere from$8-$10 a case...and even sometimes higher than that.

8. My goldfish named, "Baby" water is of great concern to me?

Do a complete water change. Dump al the ddirty water and replace it with the week old water you have. Hide the fish food from your guest!

9. When can you give a baby water?

Babies under 6 months of age get all of their nutritional needs from breast milk or formula exclusively - including water. They do not need extra water. The baby should have been fed a bottle of breast milk of formula in the mothers absence. Babies can drink milk at 1 year. Water can be introduced at 6 months, but they should still continue to get all of their hydration and nutrition from breast milk or formula for the first year of life. Is it just me - or does anyone else find this situation entirely sad? Babies have no voice to tell you what they need, it is mom's (or dad's or caregivers) responsibility to know. or the book what to expect the first year are good resources

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